04 September 2015

(Serves 4)

For my husband’s birthday celebration this year I decided to try out some recipes from my mother-in-law’s cookbook (Benvenuti a Travola Welcome to the Table). She had spent a month traveling in Italy and then a year to recreate all the wonderful dishes she had tasted along the way. One of which is a Moscato gelatin with berries where I had a lot of moscato and berries left over, leading to this Berry Berry Chicken Recipe. The tartness from the berries compliments the sweetness from the Moscato creating a fruity sauce, not to mention a colorful presentation. I think this will be on the menu during the holiday season this year! This is such a simple recipe to make but looks like it should have taken hours (my favorite kind of meal).

If you’re more of a dark meat fan like myself then you can easily substitute the chicken breast with boneless chicken thighs. In this recipe I used a combination of blackberry and raspberry since I thought the color contrast would make for a more beautiful dish. However, you can just use raspberry or blackberry if you dislike one or the other. As for the Grand Marnier, I added it specifically because I like a hint of orange in the sauce but it will not be detrimental to the dish if you do not have any on hand. You can substitute it with some orange juice or omit altogether. I hope you enjoy this little creation!


4 Chicken breast, skin on

1. Pat chicken dry and generously salt and pepper.


Black Pepper

2 tbsps butter

2. On medium high heat, melt butter in a large pan.

3. Place chicken skin-side down to brown the skin (about 2 minutes).

4. Flip chicken over and bake at 450F for about 11 minutes.

5. Remove chicken from pan while reserving the fat/butter.

1 tbsp Grand Marnier (optional)

6. On medium high heat, add alcohol and scrap off the chicken bits.

1/2 cup Moscato

2 tsp sugar

7. Add fruit and sugar to pan stirring gently and cook for about 3 minutes until sauce reduces to a thicker consistency.

1 cup blackberry

1 cup raspberry

1 tbsp butter

8. Turn off heat and stir in butter until incorporated.

9. Plate chicken and drizzle with berry sauce.

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