Caramelized Butter Carrots

(Serves 2-3) Growing up I was never a fan of carrots. It was a good thing I had siblings that would take them off hands. Granted I didn’t mind the presence of carrots since I’ve always thought they made the dishes look beautiful with their vibrant orange-red color

Chayote Mushroom Chive Stir-fry

(Makes 6-8)             One of the great things about being where we live is that there are lots of family-oriented activities if you choose to participate. Well we went to our local Family Strength Network Potluck dinner this summer. It


(Serves 4) So this week my husband had requested Yakisoba for dinner as I haven’t made it in quite some time. This just gave me an opportunity to finally jot down another recipe as well as save me the trouble of deciding what to cook for dinner. Sometimes I

Vietnamese Egg Rolls

(Makes 35) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! I loved this holiday growing up. We would play outside with glowing lanterns, drinking tea and enjoying some mooncake as we marvel at the full moon. I’ve been having a craving for some crunchy fried Vietnamese egg rolls lately and just finally found

Chayote, Carrot and Pork Soup

(Serves 6) We’ve recently made a short trip home for Memorial Day Weekend. Almost a 15-hour drive to get home but well worth it. Nothing beats California sunshine, family, food and fun! So we brought a little back with us in the form of Chayote! Freshly picked the day

Vietnamese Chicken Salad (Gỏi Gà)

(Serves 8) Want to give your oven a break this hot summer? Looking for a tasty, healthy and filling meal? Then look no further, the Vietnamese chicken salad is the way to go. Green leafy veggies, check. Lean protein, check. Flavor galore, check! I don’t know what else you

Kimchi Fried Rice with Pork

(Serves 5-6) For many reasons, awhile back I had decided to try making kimchi at home, one of which is that it is not easily accessible and two, I felt the need to pickle something. Thankfully it was a successful attempt so we’ve been able to enjoy it as


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