Chayote Mushroom Chive Stir-fry

(Makes 6-8)             One of the great things about being where we live is that there are lots of family-oriented activities if you choose to participate. Well we went to our local Family Strength Network Potluck dinner this summer. It

Stir-fry Chayote with Pork

(Serves 4) As it turns out, my little Evie loves chayote (like father like daughter I suppose). So instead of a soup dish this week I went for a simple stir-fry as to not overwhelm her too much but still satisfy the adult taste buds. Even with the pork, this

Chayote, Carrot and Pork Soup

(Serves 6) We’ve recently made a short trip home for Memorial Day Weekend. Almost a 15-hour drive to get home but well worth it. Nothing beats California sunshine, family, food and fun! So we brought a little back with us in the form of Chayote! Freshly picked the day


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