Shrimp Opo Soup

(Servings 6) I don’t know about you, but when the cold season starts to approach I automatically go into a soup frenzy! All I can think about is making a hot pot of brothy goodness. And why not right? The options are limitless. Plus, having something simmering on the

Shrimp-Malabar Spinach Soup (Canh Rau Mồng Tơi)

(Serves 6) So it seems that I have been going back to California a lot this year, like every 7-8 weeks! And of course, being a typical Vietnamese mother, my mommy would always send me back with a large care package filled with some kind of fruits, veggies and other

Shrimp Wontons

(Makes 100) Shrimp wonton is one of my sister’s favorites so every time I come home she likes to request that I make enough for a little stock in the freezer. Not a problem, except she has certain peculiarities about what she likes in her wontons and sometimes I

Chayote, Carrot and Pork Soup

(Serves 6) We’ve recently made a short trip home for Memorial Day Weekend. Almost a 15-hour drive to get home but well worth it. Nothing beats California sunshine, family, food and fun! So we brought a little back with us in the form of Chayote! Freshly picked the day

Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup

(Serves 4-6) This past Mother’s Day my husband decided to make a wonderful five course French-inspired meal to give me a break from the kitchen. So while sitting next to the flickering fireplace (of course it was cold/snowy in May if you live above 7000ft from sea level)

Tomato-Water Spinach Soup

(Serves 6) Simplicity can yield amazing results. Growing up, I have always loved eating soup. The hot broth slowly warms you up from the inside, giving you a cozy feeling especially on those cold winter days. This Tomato-Water Spinach Soup has always been a childhood favorite. Ubiquitous in Vietnam and


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