Vietnamese Stuffed Squid

(Servings 4) I wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day Weekend! For years I’ve been telling my husband about this stuffed squid my mom used to make on special occasions when I was younger, promising to recreate it so he can have a taste. And I have finally broken down

Apple-Tonkatsu Chicken Marinade

(Serves 4) For a while now, every time I opened the refrigerator I’ve been staring at a bottle of tonkatsu sauce sitting in the door. The only recipe I ever use it for is to make Yakisoba. My husband would occasionally put it on some eggs but that would

Shrimp Wontons

(Makes 100) Shrimp wonton is one of my sister’s favorites so every time I come home she likes to request that I make enough for a little stock in the freezer. Not a problem, except she has certain peculiarities about what she likes in her wontons and sometimes I


(Serves 4) So this week my husband had requested Yakisoba for dinner as I haven’t made it in quite some time. This just gave me an opportunity to finally jot down another recipe as well as save me the trouble of deciding what to cook for dinner. Sometimes I

Asian Chicken Marinade

(Serves 6-8) Fall is here and I would love to pack in a few more days of grilling before the cold season really hits because for me, that means snow. So right now I have a huge batch of chicken marinating in the refrigerator just waiting to get tossed on

Chicken Mushroom Skewers

(13 skewers) It's Labor Day Weekend and I just realized that summer is almost at an end and I have yet to post any barbeque recipes, yikes! I think everyone loves to break out the grill and going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather during this time of the year.

Pan-fried Pork Gyoza

(Serves 4) Sometimes I really miss the California atmosphere. It used to be I could just hop to an Asian supermarket on a whim and pick up whatever I needed for something I felt like making that night but that has all changed since moving out of state. Currently a

Kimchi Fried Rice with Pork

(Serves 5-6) For many reasons, awhile back I had decided to try making kimchi at home, one of which is that it is not easily accessible and two, I felt the need to pickle something. Thankfully it was a successful attempt so we’ve been able to enjoy it as


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