Vietnamese Stuffed Squid

(Servings 4) I wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day Weekend! For years I’ve been telling my husband about this stuffed squid my mom used to make on special occasions when I was younger, promising to recreate it so he can have a taste. And I have finally broken down

Shrimp Opo Soup

(Servings 6) I don’t know about you, but when the cold season starts to approach I automatically go into a soup frenzy! All I can think about is making a hot pot of brothy goodness. And why not right? The options are limitless. Plus, having something simmering on the

Caramelized Coconut Pork Belly and Eggs

(Servings 6) Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Well, it's officially on Monday; the year of the Monkey. Today I have for you, Caramelized Coconut Pork Belly and Eggs. I have yet to meet anyone who does not like this dish. But then again, what’s not to like? Let’s

Vietnamese Pork Patties

(Servings 4) After moving here, finding a decent batch of ground pork or getting it ground by the butcher have been next to impossible. So what does my husband do but get me a meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid. What can I say, we love getting new toys for

Shrimp-Malabar Spinach Soup (Canh Rau Mồng Tơi)

(Serves 6) So it seems that I have been going back to California a lot this year, like every 7-8 weeks! And of course, being a typical Vietnamese mother, my mommy would always send me back with a large care package filled with some kind of fruits, veggies and other

Chayote Mushroom Chive Stir-fry

(Makes 6-8)             One of the great things about being where we live is that there are lots of family-oriented activities if you choose to participate. Well we went to our local Family Strength Network Potluck dinner this summer. It

Vietnamese Pickled Jalapeños

Lately, I have been in a pickling mood as it is a great way to preserve fresh produce. You can just put in the effort to make one large batch and enjoy the results for months! Hey, with a toddler in tow, this is the kind of stuff that makes

Vietnamese Savory Crepes (Bánh Xèo)

(Serves 6) The Vietnamese Savory Crepe (Bánh Xèo) is a very popular item on the Vietnamese menu. It was definitely popular in my house when I was a child and still is now with my husband and daughter. He has been hooked on this dish since I first introduced him

Vietnamese Egg Rolls

(Makes 35) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! I loved this holiday growing up. We would play outside with glowing lanterns, drinking tea and enjoying some mooncake as we marvel at the full moon. I’ve been having a craving for some crunchy fried Vietnamese egg rolls lately and just finally found

Stir-fry Chayote with Pork

(Serves 4) As it turns out, my little Evie loves chayote (like father like daughter I suppose). So instead of a soup dish this week I went for a simple stir-fry as to not overwhelm her too much but still satisfy the adult taste buds. Even with the pork, this


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